Whogohost vs Qservers: Which is the Better Web Hosting Provider?

Whogohost VS Qservers: (A comprehensive review to determine the superior web host

Are you at a crossroads in deciding which web hosting provider to use between Whogohost and Qservers? 

You’re at the right place! 

I’ve used both services and I’ll be giving you my honest and unbiased review of these two web hosting platforms. 

I hosted one of my websites on Qservers for over 2 years.

And at the time of this writing, I’m currently months into using Whogohost to host another of my website.

So yes, I’ve had enough experience with these two web hosting providers to give an opinion. 

Also, I’m not being paid to favour one platform over the other.

So you can rest assured that my opinion is not geared towards any selfish gain. 

From personal experience, I’ve found Qservers to be a much better web hosting provider than Whogohost in terms of customer service, uptime, and overall performance.

I’ll give robust reasons why I stand by this opinion. 

Stick to the end of the post. I’ll also be recommending the hosting provider you should opt for between these two companies. 

What is web hosting? 


whogohost qservers web hosting

Web hosting refers to the service of providing the necessary infrastructure and resources to make websites accessible on the Internet.

Whogohost and Qservers are web hosting service providers.

They enable you to publish your websites and make them accessible to visitors when they visit your web address 

When you create a website or blog, you need to store its files, databases, and other related content on a server that is connected to the internet. 

A web hosting provider owns and manages these servers, which are specifically designed to handle website requests and deliver the requested content to users’ browsers.

From the experience I’ve had using Whogohost and Qservers, I can tell you confidently that Whogohost fails tremendously when judged by the criteria that define a reliable web hosting company. 

Apart from the series of abrupt and endless downtimes, poor performance, and weak customer support, Whogohost is pricier than Qservers. 

Importance of choosing the right hosting provider for your website/blog

whogohost qservers web hosting

Whether you’re registering a domain name or purchasing a hosting plan, choosing the right hosting provider is extremely important. 

Your hosting provider can be a significant determining factor in the success or failure of your website

Hence, this is something you shouldn’t joke with. 

Your hosting provider plays a vital role in ensuring that your website remains accessible, and secure, and performs optimally for your visitors.

It can impact the speed of your website and how long it takes for visitors to access your site. 

A bad hosting provider will ultimately send visitors away from your site. 

Their poor infrastructure will cause your website to be slow. 

Internet users are not patient. If your website doesn’t load fast, they’d leave and never return. 

Also, a hosting provider is responsible for your site’s uptime. 

A glitch from their end could cause your website to be inaccessible to visitors. 

whogohost qservers web hosting
My website experiencing a downtime while hosted on Whogohost

And if you run a business, this can cause you to lose essential leads and potential clients/customers. 

Above speed and uptime, a very crucial reason for choosing a good web hosting provider is customer service. 

Personally, I’ve come to understand (and you will too), that customer service is perhaps, the most significant service of a web hosting provider. 

I’ve been designing and developing websites for a long time.

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert in the web space, your website is bound to encounter issues. 

These issues may require the intervention of the customer service desk of your hosting provider. 

A web hosting provider with poor customer service will leave you frustrated!

On this particular subject, my experience with Whogohost has been beyond poor, and Qservers has served me better! 

You need a web hosting provider that’s quick to respond to emails.

Also, they should have an active social media presence. 

Comparison of the services offered by Whogohost and Qservers

When choosing a web hosting company, there are important factors to consider. 

These include:

1). Uptime and reliability:

Uptime means the period during which your website is up and running without any interruptions or downtime. 

Your website ought to be up and accessible 24/7, and this will largely depend on your hosting provider.

Web hosting providers make continuous efforts to provide their clients with high uptime guarantees.

They achieve this by implementing measures like backup power supplies, network monitoring, and proactive maintenance.

These actions are taken to minimize downtime and ensure maximum website availability

When it comes to uptime, Qservers stand tall and high above Whogohost. 

During the 2 years I hosted my website with Qservers, my website never experienced downtime.

At least, none that I can remember. 

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been my experience with Whogohost. 

whogohost qservers web hosting
My website experiencing a downtime with Whogohost

Just during my first month with Whogohost, My website experienced a terrible downtime. 

It was completely inaccessible to visitors for over 7 days! 

I wasn’t the only one who experienced this. 

*Below are some screenshots of customers complaining of Whogohost’s poor services on Twitter

whogohost qservers web hostingwhogohost qservers web hostingwhogohost qservers web hosting

After contacting their customer care and waiting for over 24 hours for a response, the problem still wasn’t rectified. 

Instead, I was sent an apology mail with no details of what the problem was, or when it will be resolved. 

I'll advise you to do your due diligence when choosing a web hosting provider. 
A poor email response from Whogohost customer support

This was an excruciatingly painful experience. 

If you run a business and you take it seriously, I’ll advise you to avoid hosting your website on Whogohost. 

Whogohost has proven to have a very poor infrastructure and maintenance culture. 

Just as it happened to me, your site can go down for days without prior notice. 

I'll advise you to do your due diligence when choosing a web hosting provider. 


Having a high uptime is crucial for online businesses.

Especially those that rely on their website for customer interactions, e-commerce transactions, or generating leads. 

Frequent or prolonged downtime can lead to negative consequences.

Such as loss of potential customers, reduced credibility, and missed business opportunities.

Not to mention, if people keep trying to visit your site and it’s down, this will negatively impact your SEO rankings. 

2). Speed and performance:

How fast your website loads when visitors try to access your site is crucial. 

53% of website visitors will abandon a website if it takes more than 3 seconds to load 

When it comes to speed, I found a slight improvement when I transferred my website from Qservers to Whogohost. 

Although the difference was almost negligible, it was a bit noticeable.

Whogohost gave my website a slightly better speed. 

However, this came at a rather high cost which I didn’t bargain for.  

I discovered that some images on my website and those within my blog posts weren’t loading. 

whogohost qservers web hosting
Image on my website not being displayed properly

Images impact site speed as they take a longer time to load. 

So basically, to achieve better speed, Whogohost seemed to prioritize the faster display of text content on my website by occasionally omitting certain images.

This was perhaps, a glitch from their server. Because I never experienced such with Qservers.

whogohost qservers web hosting
A Whogohost user complaining about images not displaying

Although this gave my website a slight boost in speed, the content of my website appeared shabby looking in some cases. 

While Whogohost wins in speed, Qservers wins in rendering your content concisely and accurately. Albeit to a slight drawdown in speed.

3). Customer Support and User Experience. 

When it comes to customer service, again, Qservers wins this easily. 

During the time I was hosting my website on Qservers, all complaints I had was swiftly attended to. 

Their response to emails is fast and the customer agents proved helpful.  

Whogohost on the other hand, has very poor customer support. 

Perhaps, the worst I’ve seen in the web hosting space. 

Mails could take well over 48 hours before you get a response.

And some of their agents lack proper customer relations etiquette. 

whogohost qservers web hosting

whogohost qservers web hosting

whogohost qservers web hosting

Customer service is a vital aspect of web hosting. 

A web hosting provider with poor customer support will leave you frustrated.  

Especially when you have issues that require urgent intervention. 

The number of times I’ve been left feeling frustrated and regretting hosting my site on Whogohost is countless! 

One time, my site was down for days. 

*Yes, you’re going to experience excruciating painful downtimes with Whogohost. 

I contacted customer support via mail and WhatsApp. 

I never got a reply from them on WhatsApp. 

The response mail came in after 3 days!

I literally had to contact the founder on Twitter and their CTO reached out.

This is something you should note about using Whogohost hosting service: 

You’re going to experience a lot of downtimes which will render your site inaccessible. 

What makes this even more terrible is that, Whogohost will not inform you of any system maintenance that might be taking place across their servers. 

whogohost qservers web hosting

You’ll be taken offline without notice.  

Though you might contact customer support, they won’t give you a timeline as to when the issue(s) will be resolved. 

This has been my painful experience with Whogohost.

4). Pricing

Whogohost and Qservers offer a wide range of hosting services at varying prices. 

Qservers services are cheaper and offer a better value for money than Whogohost.  

If you’re looking for the best value for money, Qservers is a preferred option for the reasons already given above.   

Domain Registration Prices

whogohost qservers web hosting
Whogohost’s domain name pricing

A standard .com domain registration on Qservers costs N9900/year.

It’s the same with Whogohost.

whogohost qservers web hosting
Qserver’s domain name pricing

However, when it comes to domain name variations such as .ng, .gov, .info etc. Qservers cheaper is cheaper.

Whogohost offers the same domain name registration service for an additional 10% bump in price. 

Hosting Prices

To host a basic website, the cost on Qservers is N900/month, While on Whogohost it’s N1000 for basically the same features. 

For large websites, Whogohost offers unlimited bandwidth and webspace for 3,500/month. 

While Qservers offers a 30 GB storage webspace and 120 GB bandwidth for 4000/month.


Choosing the right web hosting provider is crucial for the success of your website.

After testing and comparing Whogohost and Qservers, it is evident that Qservers outperforms Whogohost in terms of customer service, uptime, and overall performance.

whogohost qservers web hosting company

Qservers offers reliable uptime, satisfactory speed, and responsive customer support at a more affordable price point.

Therefore, I’ll recommend that you opt for Qservers when deciding between these two hosting companies.

While Qservers trumps Whogohost, they may not necessarily be the best choice for you.

I’ll advise you to do your due diligence when choosing a web hosting provider.

There are a lot of web hosting companies out there.


While I love patronising Nigerian businesses, I think Nigerian web-hosting company still has a long way to go.

That’s the reason most webmasters would rather patronise foreign web hosting companies.

whogohost qservers web hosting

When I first created my website in 2017, I used One.com.

While their services are okay, it is quite pricy.

I migrated to Namescheap thereafter.

I didn’t have any issues with Namescheap.

Plus their services are affordable.

Again, choosing the right web hosting provider should not be treated lightly.

Before deciding, always inspect their social media handles, particularly Twitter, to check what people are saying about them.

If you need the expertise of my dynamic team and me to set up a website/blog for you, contact us here.

Let’s embark on a thrilling journey to create a captivating website/blog tailored exclusively for you.


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