How to Make Money on Opera News Hub: Everything You Need to Know [2023]

Make money opera news hub

Today, there are a lot of legitimate ways to make money online in Nigeria. And currently, one of such ways is by becoming a writer on Opera News Hub.

Opera News Hub makes it possible for you to become a blogger, and make money blogging even without owning a blog.

You require zero capital and zero blogging experience.

Right from the comfort of your home, you can join Opera news Hub, start sharing your ideas, and get paid doing so.

With an active internet connection and a mobile phone or laptop, there are no boundaries to your earning capabilities.

Do you want a side hustle that accords you the flexibility to work at your own time, without excessive stress, and while you get paid every month?

Then Opera News Hub might likely be your answer.

And do you know the best part? 

You don’t have to be a writer or have any experience in creative writing to start earning money on Opera News Hub.

In this guide, I’ll show you how to get started with Opera News hub and start making money even with zero blogging or writing experience.

I’ll reveal tricks and tips on how you can increase your earnings and how to write quality articles that get clicked.

You’ll also discover where to source content ideas and how to structure your articles in order to get maximum clicks and engagement on the platform.

What is Opera News Hub? 

Make money with opera news hub

Opera News Hub is an online media platform that provides the avenue for bloggers, writers, and authors to create and share their content to millions of users who use the Opera News App [and other Opera services].

It provides content creators with exposure to distribute their articles/content to over 350 million Opera users worldwide.  

The Opera News Hub connects effortlessly with other Opera applications such as the Opera Mini Mobile Browser and the Opera News App.

This makes it possible for people to create and monetise their content on the platform and share to a broad range of millions of international audiences who use Opera applications.

For a blogger or someone who is just starting, this can increase your online visibility, grow your social profile, and earn you good money as a side hustle while you operate your online publication across the various Opera mini products.   

The platform was first launched in Nigeria, in October 2019. And proceeded to be launched in Ghana, in April 2020.

It currently has over 40,000 content creators and aims to provide an enabling environment where writers and content creators can express themselves, and tell their local stories to the world while generating revenue with each article they publish.

How does Opera News Hub Work? 

Make money Opera news hub


Opera News Hub provides a very easy and friendly-user interphase that enables you to set up your online content publication in minutes.

Once your registration is completed, you can log in and begin to create and edit your text and images to suit your preference.

The platform is driven by AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. The moment you publish your article, It first goes through a review process.

Upon approval, the system will distribute and recommend your content to a highly targeted audience who might be interested in the piece you published.

How to Become a Writer on Opera News Hub and Make Money. 

Honestly, making money with Opera News Hub is one of the easiest ways to make money online. I’m serious… No kidding!

All you need do is set up an account and start writing original articles.

You don’t have to be a professional writer or blogger to make money on Opera News Hub. You just need to come up with interesting stories (Don’t worry. I’ll show you how).

You don’t even need to write or publish content all the time.

You can simply fix in a couple of hours every week to publish high-quality content and still get very good results.

Just one article could fetch you up to ₦20,000. Now, imagine what 5-15 articles per month could do.  

Make money Opera news hub

Just one article I published got over 690,000 clicks and brought me over ₦22,000.

And do you know the interesting part?

It took me less than 30 minutes to create that article!

The key to earning a good amount of money on Opera News Hub is to publish content that is original and interesting.

Step 1#: Create an Opera News Hub Account. 

Before you can start making money on Opera News Hub, you need to set up an account.

Here’s how to go about it.

1. Go to and click on login/signup

2. You have the option to sign up with either your Facebook or Google account.

Make money Opera news hub

Upon signing in, confirm and proceed to the next page.

3. On the next page, you are required to fill in your Account Information.

Make money Opera news hub

*Username: This is the name you intend to give your blog on the Opera News Hub platform. You should make it catchy (although it isn’t a rule). People are more inclined to follow a publication that has a catchy name than the one that’s too long or difficult to pronounce.

*Category: This is the category you want your publication to be about. There are a lot of categories available for you to choose from. Pick one you have some level of expertise in or one that wouldn’t prove difficult for you to come up with content.

*Profile Photo: This is the display photo of your blog which serves as its logo. You can use tools such as  Canva to create a logo for free.

*Biography: This is where you provide a short description of what your blog is about. Make it short and precise.

4. Upon filling in the above details, hit next.

Step 2#: Set up your Author Information and payment details. 

This is the stage you fill in your First and last names, your email, correct phone number as well as your Opay account details.

Make money opera news hub

Your Opay account detail is the account number through which you’re going to be paid for the articles you publish. Endeavour to double-check to ensure the information is accurate.

NOTE: Your Opay account number is the phone number you used in registering for an Opay account. 

To get an Opay account number, you must sign up for an Opay account with your phone number.

How to set up an Opay Account:  

1. Install the Opay app on your android device from Playstore and launch it.

Set up Opay account opera news hub

2. Click on the hamburger icon at the top left corner of the screen.

Set up Opay account opera news hub

3. Click login then > sign up.

Set up Opay account opera news hub

4. On the next screen, input your correct phone number (this is going to be your Opay account number through which you’ll receive your payments from Opera News Hub). When done, click next.  

Set up Opay account opera news hub

5. Set up your 6-digit password.

6. Fill in your personal information and click confirm

Set up Opay account opera news hub


7. Set up your payment pin and then hit confirm

Set up Opay account opera news hub

After getting your Opay account number (the phone number you used in registering for an Opay account), input it into your Opera News Hub Author Information and then click > confirm.

Make money opera news hub

As a newly registered member, your account will go through a review process before it is activated. This could take a couple of hours.

Upon approval and verification of your, you can now move ahead to publish your first article.  

Step #3: Publish your first post. 

After you’ve set up your Opera News Hub account and it’s been activated, you are now ready to publish your first post.

Make money Opera News Hub

The beauty of the Opera News Hub is that you can write about virtually anything.

However, not everything you write about is capable of going viral and getting the needed clicks to fetch you revenue.

Hence, you have to be smart with your writing and focus on publishing only articles and content that are newsworthy.

Where to get interesting stories and articles to publish on Opera News Hub. 

1Twitter: There are a lot of places to get interesting content to publish. A good place to start is Twitter.

Twitter is the news hub of the internet. If you’re looking for a place where the news breaks out first, Twitter is your go-to destination.

What makes Twitter the lodge of the latest news is the fact that a lot of celebrities and public figures are over there. Whenever they have some new information to share with their followers, they do it on Twitter first.

To get the most out of Twitter by using it as leverage to generate content to share on Opera News Hub, the smart thing to do is to follow personalities in your niche.

For example, if you chose entertainment as your category while creating your Opera News Hub account, you should follow musicians, actors and celebrities etc.

So that whenever they tweet a new update that’s newsworthy, you’d be the first to know and break the news.

Also, if you write on Politics or society news, you could follow popular political figures on Twitter such as Bashir Ahmed, Garba Seun or even Tolu Ogunlesi and others. 

These personalities work for the Nigerian presidency and whenever the government wants to put out a piece of information or announcement, they are the first to break it to the public.

2. News curation websites: There are a lot of platforms that curate trendy topics and news. They pull their content from social media, popular blogs and websites. They unveil viral news that are making rounds online.

Some good examples include Viranova, Alltop, Buzzfeed etc. You can also make use of Google Trends to discover what is currently trending online.

When you’ve found a trendy or newsworthy story, you can then proceed to write on them.

How to Get more clicks on Opera News Hub. 


1. Write a catchy title.

The title is the first thing people see before choosing to click on your article or not.

Make money Opera News Hub

For best results on the Opera News Hub, you have to make your titles short, precise and specific.

In an attempt to garner more clicks, a lot of creators use clickbait in their titles.

This is counterproductive as such articles are often rejected and do not make it past the review process.

Click baits are words that entice a viewer to click on your article and does not have the content that is promised. Such words are frowned at by Opera News Hub.

They include words such as:

  • Shocking
  • amazing
  • wow!
  • Surprise
  • OMG
  • Unbelievable
  • shock

When these words are contained in your articles, they’ll be rejected and won’t be published. Hence, avoid them.

Rather than using clickbait to lure in readers (which is counterproductive), the best and most productive alternative is to master the art of writing catchy and captivating titles or headlines.

You don’t have to be a pro blogger to come up with captivating titles.

You can use tools such as TweakYourBiz or HubSpot Title Generator to generate catchy titles that are bound to produce good results.

These tools take the burden of crafting titles by yourself and does the work for you.

2. Write a captivating body:

The minimum word length of the body of your article on Opera News Hub is 150 words. However, word length does not play an important factor in your article going viral.

In my observation, I’ve found that articles between 250 to 500 words perform best on Opera News Hub.

Users of Opera News App are not readers, they are skimmers.

They are there to get quick news and information. Hence, it will be advantageous to make your point quickly and do not beat around the bush by playing with too many words.

3. Edit and Proofread Your Work: 

To avoid your article from being rejected and flagged as low quality, you must proofread and edit your work before publishing.

You can use tools such as Grammarly to help proofread your work.

This tool will automatically identify wrong sentence structures, misspellings and other grammatical error in your post, and also offer their correct and appropriate renderings. 

It is a powerful tool every blogger should have.

4. Add attention-grabbing Images: 

Images are important to spice up your articles. It brings your publication to life.

However, going to the internet and lifting any image(s) you find online and using them in your article is wrong.

Reason being that, some images on the internet (especially the ones you find on Google) could be protected by copyright laws.  

Nonetheless, that’s not a barrier. There are millions of free stock photos available online. You can find images to use for your articles on platforms such as pexels,,, Unsplash etc.

5. Publish your article:

 After crafting your catchy title, writing the body, proofreading your work and adding relevant images, you can then proceed to submit your work for review.

After submitting your article, it will go throw a review process which could take a few minutes or even hours.

If your article meets the Opera News Hub standard of quality, it will be published and begin to generate clicks around the platform.

I’ve also found that posting at specific times of the day could influence how fast your article would be approved for publication.

Posting on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday between the hours of 7am and 9am could make your article get approved faster on Opera News Hub.

This is not a rule of thumb, it’s just my personal observation.

However, If your article does not meet the quality required by Opera News Hub, it will be rejected.

How to avoid your article from getting rejected on the Opera News Hub: 

To prevent your articles from getting rejected, you need to adhere strictly to the platform’s guidelines and meet their standard of quality.

We’ve covered a bulk of these above but let’s go through them one more time.

  • Avoid using click baits in your titles. 
  • Do not publish plagiarized content. You’re free to take a cue from an article online, but do not copy word-for-word. 
  • Avoid pornographic materials in your articles. Such content will be rejected right on the spot. 
  • Desist from using ALL caps in your title. That is, avoid using capital letters to write every word in your title. It will be flagged as clickbait or spam. 
  • Do not publish old, stale or fake news. 

When you abide by these rules, your articles will always be approved. Most times.

Calculating your earnings: How Opera News Hub Pays its content creators: 

Opera News Hub pays you N365 per 10,000 clicks. Or N0.0365 per click.

For example, if you published a post and it was able to attract about 500,000 clicks, your payment will be calculated as 500,000 * 0.0365 =  ₦18,250.0

That means you’ll be paid  ₦18,250 for that one article you wrote that generated 500,000 clicks.

Do not be worried about how you’d get that many clicks.

The Opera News Hub is a big platform with over 350 million users. Arriving at thousands of clicks isn’t difficult provided you follow the tips already discussed above.

How you get paid with Opera News Hub: 

Your payment is calculated monthly.

Opera News Hub does not have a minimum payment threshold.

You get paid on the 15th of Every month whatever amount your contents generated the previous month.

For example, if at the end of March you were able to earn N150,000, You’ll receive your March payment on the 15th of April. And your April earnings will be paid on the 15th of the following month (which is May).

How to Withdraw your Money from Opera News Hub: 

1. Link your Opay account to your Opera News Hub account:

To withdraw your money from Opera News Hub, you must link your Opay account to your Opera News Hub account.

This can be done by heading over to your Opera News Hub Dashboard.

Click on Account to edit your personal info, and scroll down to CONTACT INFO. 

Withdraw money Opera news hub

Fill in your Opay account number (this is the phone number you used in creating your Opay account) and then click Update.

Whenever your earnings have been calculated and payment is ready, it will be paid to your Opay account.

2. Withdraw money from your Opay account:

To withdraw money from your Opay account, simply launch the Opay mobile app on your phone and log in.

On your dashboard, click on Transfer

Withdraw money from Opay account


Then click >> Transfer to Bank.

Withdraw money from Opay account

On the next page, select the bank name and account number you want to transfer the money to.

Withdraw money from Opay account

Finally, input the amount you want to transfer and hit Done.

 There you go. You’ve successfully made a withdrawal from your OPay account to your bank account. 

Is opera Opera News Hub worth Your time? (My honest review)

There’s no doubt that Opera News Hub pays. I can personally attest to this.

And your earnings are determined by your level of commitment and effort.

However, sometimes, you might put in a lot of time and work into crafting an article and it might end up being rejected.

 Or worse, it didn’t garner enough clicks. 

It’s not uncommon for this to happen and most creators on the platform have taken to social media to lay several complaints about this.

It’s frustrating when your efforts do not yield the desired fruits.

Nonetheless, there’s a higher possibility of getting good results if you abide by their publication guidelines (as discussed above).

This, however, doesn’t negate the fact that you should only see Opera News Hub as a side hustle and never as a full-time job.

That is, it shouldn’t be your main source of income.

If you’re looking to venture into writing or take blogging as a full-time job, the best call of action is to create your own blog—it is more profitable.

Opera News Hub is a business owned by a corporate organisation.

They can decide to close up the platform tomorrow and you won’t be able to do much about it.

Hence, if you’re considering blogging from a long term vantage point, it’s much better [and by far more profitable] to create your own blog and invest your time and energy into building it.

Nonetheless, Opera News Hub is a good place to test your hands and have a quick start on blogging while you earn on the side.

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      To edit your OPay Account Information, head over to your Hub dashboard and Click on Account to edit your personal info, and then scroll down to CONTACT INFO.

      There you’ll find your OPay Account number. Click on it and then go ahead to make the necessary corrections.

      Hope it helps.

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  1. I’m new on opera news hub I’ve finished three articles but having the following challenges:
    1. There is no CATEGORY and TAG fields on my dashboard
    2. I’m finding it difficult to submit an article of 29k+ characters. Is it that it is too much or what?
    3. There is a field called TOPIC on the dashboard. What are my going to write there? How is that different from TITLE?
    4. How do you know if your article is successfully submitted?
    Kindly help pls.

    1. Hello there. Here are the answers to your questions.

      1. It’s normal. The Opera News Hub recently removed it.
      2. Remember it’s a news platform and you’re writing for online readers who do not necessarily like lengthy content. Hence keep your article between 300-1000 words. Anything beyond this is unnecessary.
      3. The “topic” can fill in as your category or tag. It’s different from the title.
      4. If your article was successful submitted, it will show “pending”. If it’s been approved, it will change to “published”.

      Hope this helps.

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