How to Start An Information Marketing Business: The Complete Guide [2023]

information marketing business

Information marketing is the process of selling information.

It involves the compiling of knowledge or information into a readable format (usually as an eBook or a video course) which people can only access after paying a fee.

information marketing business
An eBook I authored. A typical example of information marketing.

This is one of the most lucrative online businesses out there that is capable of generating passive income in the long run.

With a bit of work and little capital, you too can begin your own online business in information marketing.

Why Should I Start an Information Marketing Business?

Internet users scour the web daily sourcing for information and many do not mind paying for it if they believe it will solve their problem.

If you are vast or knowledgeable about a particular topic, you can immediately begin to make money online through information marketing.

The key is to provide a solution(s) to a problem.

Information Marketing Opens unlimited Opportunities to Make Money Online

For example, Agriculture in Nigeria has been given much attention in recent years. Nowadays, professionals from various works of life are now venturing and showing interest in agriculture.

People are searching daily and sourcing for information on starting a farm or raising a particular crop. Below is the average figure of the number of people that search monthly for the term “How to start a poultry farm” on Google.

information marketing business
An average of 1,000 to 10,000 monthly searches.

From the stats above, you can be sure that a good percentage will be ready to pay for quality information that proffers precise answer(s) to their query.

For an individual who has good information about poultry, starting an information marketing business would be a huge opportunity to commercialise that knowledge and make some money from it.

Such a person can decide to write an eBook on how to set up a poultry farm and give illustrative examples on the best breed of birds to rear. Such information would be rushed by the market.

For the purpose of better understanding, I’m only using agriculture as an example. You don’t have to write about poultry or fish farming to make good money online from information marketing.

There are numerous topics you can write about that people would be interested in buying.

The key is to provide a solution to a problem.

I personally spend a fair amount of money purchasing eBooks and online courses.

This is how I develop my craft and improve myself.

Valuable information is seldom cheap, and those who know the value of knowledge wouldn’t mind paying to get it.

How to Start an Information Marketing Business: Three (3) Super Ideas

1. Create an eBook.

Creating an eBook is just like writing a normal book. The only difference is that an eBook is not printed in hardcopy (optional).

It can only be read using a mobile device or a computer with a PDF reader/application.

how to make money online in nigeria

To make money online through eBook creation, you must have more than an intermediate knowledge of the topic you’re writing about.

You don’t want to sell half-baked information and leave people disappointed or unhappy. Virtue demands you give people value for their money.

Pro tip: Before writing an eBook, run in-depth research on what people are asking.

The goal is to provide a solution to a problem that might otherwise be unknown or unavailable to them.

information marketing business

As earlier mentioned, you can use the Google Keyword Planner to run your market research.

Imagine if you can come up with an eBook that answers the question “How to Secure Student Visa to Study Abroad“, and you decide to sell this eBook for N2000 a piece.

If 50 persons purchase this eBook of yours in a month, that’s N100,000 by the end of 30 days. That’s a good profit.

After creating an eBook, the next thing is to market it.

You’ll need a website for this.

You don’t need to spend money in this regard, you can easily get a free WordPress or BlogSpot website.

or you can have my team create a website for your information marketing business.

how to start a blog

Basically, a website is needed to talk about your eBook. It is intended to give potential buyers a glimpse of what to expect when they purchase your book.

It also houses your contact information and info on your payment options.

Marketing of your eBook can be done on various social platforms or even forums. I’d highly recommend Facebook.

All you need to do is create a page and run some Ads. Ensure you monitor your ROI closely.

When a client sees your ads, they click on your site’s link and proceed further to make a purchase if you’ve done good word marketing on your site.

2. Create a membership site

This involves a process whereby an individual pays a fee before accessing a portion/segment of your website.

information marketing business

An example is Medium. This site provides insightful articles free of charge to public users. However, there are articles that are only available to premium users.

That is, you have to upgrade your membership subscription by paying a particular fee before being allowed to view some articles.

If you’re able to build a site that serves good value to the audience, you can decide to make some of your contents premium.

Or you could either make it mandatory for your audience to pay a certain fee in order to access exclusive content reserved for premium members only.

Before creating a paid membership website, there is a need to establish yourself as a thought leader or a professional in your niche.

You need to build an audience and establish trust.

You can hire a developer to create a membership website for you or if you run your website using WordPress CMS, you can easily create a membership site using BuddyPress plugin.

3. Create an online course.

This has to do with creating a subject in a particular field and addressing various topics relating to it.

You can decide to teach your course either through videos (which is usually more preferable) or you can go with the option of creating written content and then linking it with a membership site.

information marketing business

You can start making money online from home by uploading your courses on Udemy or Skillshare. You simply need to make an 8 – 20-minute video and have it posted on any of these platforms. Whenever, a student register for your course, you get paid.

Information marketing creates a tremendous opportunity for you to make money online. All you need is a pc/computer to create your content.

The internet makes it available to reach people all over the world. Hence, getting people to purchase your product won’t be hard.

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