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"My team and I will bring your dream blog to life by incorporating our expert blog setup service to meet your specifications."
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Aisosa lebarty
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Experience design at its best.

blog set up service

Setting up a blog from scratch can be a bit overwhelming especially for a beginner or someone who is just starting out. If not properly done right, you can end up making mistakes that can hamper the productivity of your blog.

Setting up a blog takes time (if you’re inexperienced), and there is a bit of technicalities involved (site speed optimization, SEO, and security) needed to ensure that your blog meets the bench mark of quality, attract visitors, and garner sufficient traffic.

In most cases, it is certainly wiser to have an expert and experienced professional set up your blog for you.  

At DigitalCora, we have a dedicated team of  professionals capable of setting up a blog for you in 45 minutes.

Our team will engineer and tweak your blog to meet SEO best practices, optimize your blog for speed and set up security measures to protect your blog from cyber threats. You don’t need to move a muscles.

We get the job done for you and deliver on-time and on-budget.


Customer Reviews

Don’t just take our words for it, here’s what previous clients have to say.

Working with Aisosa has been exciting. With very little details he gets the job done, giving you a picture of what you had in mind and even better. Added to his excellence in designing is his honesty and timely delivery. With him, you can give a contract and go to rest, knowing he will deliver a perfect work on scheduled.
blog set up services
Mary Jane
CEO, Komo's Pastries
I have worked with Aisosa and he has proven to be a professional in the field and a creative designer. His content gives you a virtual image of how successful you want your business to be ... It made my business appear even more professional than it can ever be and could motivate the least audience to check out what my brand is all about.
Deborah Irabor
Owner, ID Cakes.
Aisosa Leberty is a very creative and smart person in communicating your design goals. He is a professional and all his jobs are always unique and awesome. I have been working with him for a couple of years now . I would recommend him to everyone out there who wants a professional and timely delivery of perfect work in digital creations to contact him.
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Ejiro Praise
Author & Writer.


Are you looking to start a blog and begin to share your ideas to the world? Setting up a blog can take time and energy. 

As a Digital Marketing Agency and Web design company, we are offering basic blog setup service to our audience FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY.

Having a blog is one of the most legitimate ways to make money online and discuss about your business, or simply share  information to a wider community of internet users.

For a small or home-based business, setting up a blog can give your business the exposure it needs to get more people to know about your products or services.

A blog creates the medium to talk about your recent product launch, share insightful knowledge about your niche and build a dedicated stream of followers.


It costs you less for us to set up your blog than for you to set it up on your own.


With just $110, you get a fully functional blog delivered to you.


Call us now to set up your blog for just N39,999.

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Domain Name Registration for 1-year.

Our blog setup service package covers the cost of your domain name registration. We will purchase your domain name from a reputable registrar and establish you blog’s identity.


A domain name is the name your blog bears on the internet. It is the unique address through which internet users can visit your blog (e.g.,, or


In order to get a domain name, you need to get it registered with the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) through a certified registrar.


You do not need to sweat out this process. we will get your domain name registered for you from a reliable registrar and secure your blog’s unique identity.

Purchase of Web hosting package

To make your domain name accessible by internet users, you need a service called web hosting.

Web hosting is an internet service that houses your blog/website on the World Wide Web. It is where all the files of your blog/website are stored.

Think of it this way: a domain name is the address of your house while web hosting is the actual house itself that points to your address. Both are inseparable and one can’t do without the other. Web hosting companies specialize in storing and serving your blog.

To have your blog accessible to internet users; after we’ve registered your domain name, we will purchase your hosting package from a reputable web hosting company .  Both services (Domain name registration and web hosting) are covered for one year. 

Deployment of WordPress

After purchasing your domain name and hosting, our engineers will install and integrate WordPress CMS into your blog.


WordPress is a software which is used to fashion out a blog. WordPress is widely preferred because the application makes it extremely easy for you to manage your blog: publish posts, change theme & designs, install plugins and build web pages without having to touch a single bit of code.


You basically don’t need any programming skill to manage your blog when using WordPress.

Intensive Blogging Course & Training.

We don’t just set up your blog and leave you to fair for yourself and figure things out on your own.


As part of our blog setup service package, we have created a highly detailed Beginners’ Blogging Course that will help you master the art of blogging.


This course covers all you need to know in order to successfully manage your new blog and become a pro.


In this course, you will learn: how to create your first blog post, where to get free stock images, how to change your blog theme, install plugins, and successfully manage your blog.


It covers essential topics which will guide you on how to write compelling articles, increase your blog traffic and make money blogging. This course can be downloaded and accessed for free at any time.

24/7 Customer Service for 7-days.

In addition to setting up your blog, we will enroll you into our personal help service, where you’ll will have direct access to members of our team who are readily available to answer and help resolve whatever questions or technical difficulty you might encounter as you run your blog.


Members of our staff are always ready to offer support and this comes at no extra cost to you. Our support system is for 7-days.

Search Engine Optimization.

There are millions of blog all over the internet. How can people find yours?

Search engines (such as Google, Bing etc.) help refer people to your blog and it is by far the most reliable way to get free traffic.

As part of our blog set up service package, We will install and configure relevant SEO plugins into your blog necessary for optimal SEO performance.

We will submit your site to Google webmaster tools; create a site map to enable your blog to be crawled, indexed, and found by search engines. 

Speed Optimization and Blog Infrastructure Engineering.

A blog that loads fast and optimized for mobile devices is a blog that is loved by search engines.


Our engineers will work on the technical part of your blog to ensure it is accessible by various devices across all browsers. 


We will optimize your blog for speed to make sure it renders your content cleanly and fast. We will work on the security and safety of your blog to prevent it from cyberattacks, spam and hackers.



Site Logo and Graphics.

You can send in your site logo and other graphics you want to implement into your blog.


If however, you do not have a pre-designed logo ready, our blog set up service package covers the creation of your blog’s logo and other necessary graphics to give your blog a professional look and make it unique.

Email Newsletter Optin Form.

It is important to start building an Email list for your blog right from day one. Internet users often visit websites and immediately forget about them .


An email newsletter helps reduce the risk of such scenario by acquiring the emails of people who visit your blog so you can follow up on them.


An email list can help send free traffic to your blog and it is by far the most reliable way to grow a dedicated audience.


As part of our blog setup services, we will create and design an effective email signup form which will be embedded into your site. This form will inspire people to subscribe to your blog in order for them to get notified whenever you publish a new blog post.




blog set up service

7+ Essential Recommended Plugins & Tools.

Along with our blog setup service, we will install 7+ of the most crucial plugins and tools needed to run a successful blog.


These tools are handpicked by professionals and they are capable of giving you a head start towards making your blogging journey more enjoyable.

Google Analytics Integration.

A blog that keeps stats and measurement is a blog that can be improved. A site without analytics or measurement is like a traveller without a map – you’d be aiming at nothing and have no idea of where you’re going, nor how to get there.


Setting up Google analytics will help keep tabs on the number of people who visit your blog. It provides tremendous insight on how visitors interact with your site, their location, devices they use, and how long they spend on your blog.


This will give you a better understanding of your audience and the needed perspective to adjust your strategy, and create more useful content that meets their needs.

Installation of Social Media Sharing Tools.

Having to manually share your content on your social media pages can be mundane and tiring.

To this effect, we will install the right tools that will automatically share your new blog posts to your social media pages the instant they get published on your blog. 

This tool will also make it possible for your visitors to also share your blog posts to their friends/followers.

Our Blog setup process:

At DigitalCora, we follow a keen and precise approach to setting up your blog to ensure it is delivered on-time and on-schedule. Below is our service approach to setting up your blog which will serve as the project roadmap for your blog set up.



We kick things off with a brief telephone call to establish communication and build relationship. You’ll brief us about yourself,  and your goals.

We then move over to your preferred messenger (e.g. WhatsApp, Telegram or Facebook) where we will discuss the scope of your project and design options.

We will then provide you with a detailed proposal and project timeline specifically crafted to set up your blog.


Upon your acceptance of our proposal, you will be presented with multiple themes to preview and pick your choice.


During this phase, we will also create your blog logo and other relevant graphics. You’ll be amazed with what we can do with a blank canvas and turning it into something awesome. Be prepared to be blown!


After you’ve approved the theme design, graphics and logo, we will then move into the purchase of your domain name and hosting package.

After this, we will deploy WordPress CMS into your blog, upload your desired theme, create and install relevant plugins.  At this stage, your blog will be looking great and ready to be unveiled.


Before your blog is launched, we will send you a private link to access and review your blog for any modifications.


Upon approval of the project, we will upload your blog into your host server. At this point, you blog is officially available to everyone in the world who has access to the internet!


How thrilling is that? You’re officially a blog owner and you can start sharing your ideas to the world.



Most frequent questions and answers

After communicating with you and getting details of what you want your blog to look like, It takes exactly 45 minutes for us to completely set up your blog.

Two members of our staff will be assigned to work on your blog. During the course of the project, you will be able to contact either of them via direct phone call or WhatsApp messages

Most certainly! You can switch to a host of your choice at your convenience. Upon completing your your blog set up, we will hand every details and password of your blog to you.

No. our blog set up service does not cover the provision of blog posts or articles. If you do need writers to help generate blog posts/articles for your blog, you can hire the service of a freelancer from any Freelance Agencies such as Upwork or Fiverr

You are granted 7-days of our technical support service upon the launch of your blog. This does not include managing your blog or providing content. The service is ONLY initiated to help resolve basic technical issues only.

For all inquiries and questions, contact us via the following channels.