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About Us

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Our story

Digitalcora is a Digital Marketing Agency and knowledge-driven platform aimed at providing entrepreneurs, small business owners and startups with insightful knowledge and information needed to thrive and scale the digital world. Our content covers the broad niches of digital marketing, online business, entrepreneurship, blogging and personal development.

We are keen on helping small and home-based businesses expand their brand awareness online by providing digital services and relevant information needed to scale their respective industries and boost sales.

In a world that is fast-paced and ever so dynamic, we believe that entrepreneurs and employees alike should be armed with the necessary digital skills and knowledge to improve and grow their business. 

The World revolves around Digital

Over 92.3 million people currently use the internet in Nigeria. Amongst these are potential clients/customers who might be more than likely to be interested in your business or the services you offer. At DigitalCora, we’re charged with the desire to take you a step ahead of your competitors by feeding you with credible information and knowledge needed for you to have a successful business online.

Coupled with the increasing world population which currently stands at 8 billion, the number of internet users is estimated to be over 3.2 billion-plus by year-end. This means that a business/startup which intends to survive in the coming future ought to put modalities in place to propagate their online visibility and make it seamlessly possible to be found online by clients and potential customers.

For this reason, DigitalCora is committed to providing our readers with the right information and knowledge to ensure their business/start-up doesn’t fall behind. We put out periodic contents geared at improving the digital skillset of our readers.

Who is our content for?

Our content is predominantly designed for folks who aspire to set up an online business or place their already-existing business on the global map by exploiting the limitless advantages the internet holds. Our articles are crafted for a community of small business owners, bloggers, social media influencers and digital marketers.

The virtual world is not in its tiniest bit of essence different from the real world. As a business owner or startup founder, the best place to learn more about your target audience or figure out what your customers/clients really want is by studying what they do online.

Humans leave clues online of what they need (products or services). A smart business seeking to deliver impeccable customer service or increase its customer base will forge out to gain this information.

 If you aren’t making attempts to understand your business niche in order to gain more insight about your target market, then most certainly your competitor is beating you to it.  The task might seem daunting, we know. That’s the reason DigitalCora does all the work for you. We go out and make the research and present our findings in a simplified and bite-sized content–easy to read and understand.

In the niche of Digital marketing, DigitalCora curates and present reliable information and content that are geared towards expanding our readers’ knowledge in the aspect of Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing (SEO), and Social Media Marketing (SMM). 

These are subjects that cannot be neglected by a business or an individual seeking to harness the unlimited potentials of the internet. Be it an entrepreneur who runs a small business or an employee looking to expound his digital skills, a basic understanding of the aforementioned subjects are crucial to establish the longevity of your business online. To this end, DigitalCora is poised at publishing contents that enlighten our readers on the aforementioned.

Exclusive updates on social media trends

Social Media is a significant component of the internet. Over 2.7 billion individuals use Facebook. Coupled with its large users base, social media is extremely dynamic and is constantly changing. It is therefore not only crucial for businesses and entrepreneurs to get themselves active on social media in order to reach more potential customers, but it’s also imperative to be attuned with recent trends in order to implement strategies that boost brand awareness and drive more sales.

As a business person, we know you’re obviously too busy piloting other aspects of your business that needs your attention. Hence, investing time on social media to find out what would work best for your business online might be too tasking. In this regard, DigitalCora is committed to being your eyes and ears. As a Digital Marketing Platform, we’re firm in providing rich information about social trends, suggest tools and tricks that will help optimize your productivity and boost your business on social media while you get to save lots of time.

Stay abreast with latest SEO tips & tricks

Search Engines have since evolved far beyond what it used to be in the early 90s. Search Engines such as Google, Bing, Ask.com etc. play a significant role on the internet by making it seamless for internet users to find information at an extremely fast rate.

A more important and significant role of search engines to a startup or small business owner is its store of information capable of making an entrepreneur understand its target audience and exploit new market opportunities. To this end, DigitalCora publishes content that enables our readers to gain a better understanding of Search engines and SEO. Our articles are crafted specifically for beginners who are just starting out in the broad field of SEO.

SEO often appears to be quite difficult for bloggers or beginners who are just starting out. For this reason, we ensure that our articles pertaining to the subject are well simplified and easy to understand for beginners. We bring the latest news and information about SEO geared at equipping you with the right knowledge needed to make your business, blog or website appear more on search engines and consequently increase the traffic to your landing page.  

Although DigitalCora is predominantly targeted at startups and entrepreneurs who seek to harness digital skills needed to promote their business online,  we’re also committed to arming employees alike with effective digital skills and information to boost their resume and make them become indispensable at their places of work. 

These skills can also motivate and help employees start and operate a side business while also going about their work. For a Netpreneur, blogger or someone seeking to start an online business, DigitalCora is a starting point for all beginners looking to take advantage of the vast wealth of the internet.

Improve your digital skills via our seminars/webinars

In line with our online platform, DigitalCora also holds Seminars and conferences across Nigeria. These workshops are aimed at equipping millennials with tech-driven knowledge and digital skills needed to foster an entrepreneurial mindset and help members of the public gain mastery on how to build an online business, earn money online from home, and secure a healthy financial future.

We get in touch with the best business coaches and invite them to speak at these conferences. We encourage them to share their knowledge and insight with attendees and open grounds for questions to facilitate learning. Our conferences are interactive, educative and inspiring; geared at equipping entrepreneurs with digital skills needed to improve their businesses online.

In addition, DigitalCora also conducts webinars for our readers who are unable to attend our conferences. These webinars are for citizens and non-citizens of Nigeria. We offer practical teachings on digital marketing, online business, blogging and also share investment opportunities to those seeking to boost their startups and earnings. Dates for our conferences are sent to members of our mailing list and also publicized on our social media pages. Admittance into our conferences is free.

Our Services/What We Do:

As a Digital Marketing Agency, we specialise in Website Creation, Blog Setup, Graphics Design, Content Creation and Social Media Management; These constitutes our core services as a Digital Company.  We have a team of dedicated and well-trained professionals equipped with years of experience in major programming languages such as C++, PHP, JAVA, SQL, Python, Ruby, Swift, C# etc. 

Our programmers are capable of creating a professional-looking website for your business. The website/blog we set up for you is equipped with fully-fledge best Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices to ensure your business gets discovered online.

We have a team of qualified digital marketers who are vast in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing. Our team is well-equipped with the right knowledge to spearhead your marketing campaigns and attract new customers to your business or services. We help you attract leads to your landing pages and drive sales.

Our vision is to see a generation of entrepreneurs armed with effective digital skills needed to make their business thrive and flourish online. Our mission is to help small businesses eventually become key players in their respective niches.

For further info, kindly contact us via the details provided at the beginning of the post. 

We look forward to hearing from you. 

Warmest regards.