17 Best Content Creation Tools You Need to Know

contnet creation tools

The content creation process is a complex one. It involves everything from the brainstorming phase to the final draft.

In this article, we will talk about some of the most popular content creation tools that you need to know.

Tools like these can help you create content faster and more efficiently.

They also make it easier for you to manage your content marketing strategy with less effort.

17 best content creation tools you need to know

1. Canva:

This tool allows users to create high-quality graphics quickly using layouts, templates, and design elements.

No graphic design experience is required to operate this tool.


2. Hashtagify.me:

This allows you to search for Twitter hashtags.

Once you’ve searched for a hashtag, you can determine its popularity and how it is used.


3. Grammarly:

This is an all-in-one spellcheck and grammar tool.

It helps you write error-free copy by using AI to scan for common grammatical mistakes.

It also helps improve your writing skills by providing you explanations for errors you made in your copy.


4. PowToon.com:

Creating videos has been made easy.

This platform allows you to choose from several video templates and customize them to your choice.

You don’t have to be a video master to use this platform.


5. Typeform.com:

This is a user-friendly quiz form and survey builder that allows you to ask your audience questions in different formats.

Once you have your quiz in place, you can share it with your social media audience to get information about them.


6. Google Trends:

Google Trends can help you to understand the popularity of a search term or topic amongst Google searchers.

Use this insight to create content around topics that are quickly gaining traction and be a step ahead of your competition.


7. AlsoAsked.com:

This is a research tool that gives you insight into what people are asking on the internet about a particular subject.


8. AnswerThePublic.com:

This is also a research tool that gives you a truckload of data on what users are asking online.

It suggests long-tail keywords you can implement into your content to rank higher on search engines.


9. TweakYourBiz:

An outstanding title can dramatically increase your clicks.

This tool helps you create great titles for your articles and blog posts.


10. Remove.bg:

With this tool, you can remove the background from any image in a matter of seconds.

It uses AI to get the job done for you.


11. Piktochart.com:

Infographics are an effective way to visualize data.

This tool is perfect for people with no design skills to create beautiful infographics that look professional and help elevate your content.


12. Pexels.com:

A picture, they say, tells a thousand words.

Pixels has millions of free stock images that you can use in your content. It is, perhaps, the richest and most diverse repository of free stock images.


13. OBS Studio:

Want to launch or host your own webinar?

This tool is free and open-source software for video recording and live-streaming.

You can use it to record your screen and stream to Twitch, YouTube, IG, and many other providers.


14. Biteable:

Creating professional-looking videos used to be complicated. Well, not any more!

Biteable is one solid solution you can use to create powerful videos.

It has a repository of video templates to make your life easier.


15. Audacity:

Ready to record your first podcast, but not sure what tools you need to capture and edit your audio?

Audacity is an easy-to-use multitrack audio recording and editing platform that’ll make your recording sound like it was done in a professional studio!


16. Wordtune.com:

Communicating the right way in a clear and engaging way with your target audience is crucial.

This tool helps refine and spin your content to make it more compelling and interesting to read.


17. QuillBot.com:

QuillBot will provide synonyms and other phrases for each word or phrase you choose, making your material sound more natural.

This AI-powered paraphrasing tool is just what you need if you want high-quality material without having to spend hours rewriting it.

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